Legacy Tree GrowingProject

Legacy Trust Ltd is championing a Legacy Tree-Growing project, being an initiative which is geared at mobilizing African households to utilize local practical approaches to provide long lasting solutions to Africa’s critical economic problems.


Legacy Trust Ltd is looking at empowering households in Uganda through this tough covid times by raising funds for 2000 goats that will improve the finances of these households and also increase on the goats meat supply nation wide.

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Legacy Trust Ltd not only markets your businesses but also recuriting loyal customers for your business.


Get rid of any unemployment issues with our team’s assistance.

Internship& Apprenticeship

We offer internship/apprenticeship opportunities in different fields basing on the individuals choice.

Children, Youth skills& talent Dev't

We introduce children to practical skills at an early stage in different fields basing on the child's interest. e.g Motocross

Our Projects
Business Planting and Dev't

Upgrade your business into a legacy business by partnering with Legacy Trust Ltd. Legacy Trust Ltd is an innovation and incubation...

Human Resource Dev't

Legacy Trust Ltd will provide you greate exposure and build your capacity connecting you to their rich pool of proffessionals and ...

Children, Youth Skills & Talent Dev't

Build a solid foundation for your children and youth providing them with professional exposure into the skill or talent of their ...

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Get to build your brand or sell your services and products on our App. Find employment opportunities and many specialized professionals at reasonable rates once you subscrbe as a Legacy Trust Memeber. It is now available for all Android device owners and soon rolling out a version for iphone users.

Our Vision

Inspiring a generation of responsible citizens, bringing a long lasting maximum impact and transformations in all aspects of life spiritually, economically and socially.

Our Mission

Building individual capacity to maximally utilize every available resource, encouraging creativity, innovativeness and research to create employment and wealth in Uganda, Africa and the world.

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Goat Project

Your donation is saving a life here in Africa.

Our target is to empower each household by raising funds for 2000 goats in the first instance so that we can produce alot of goats meat in Uganda...

Legacy Trust Current Project(s)

Legacy Tree Growing Project

For a long time , Africa has been reliant on donations and sponsors. We are very thankful and appreciative for all the gifts and sacrifices continually made to support Africa. However is it good to continue this way? Or is it time to change the approach for better results?

How long should Africa depend on foreign aid? What steps are Africans taking towards self reliance other than building and condoning a dependency syndrome in Africa? How can meaningful employment positively change the African mentality to pioneer and champion African development? What can Africa offer to the rest of the World other than an out stretched arm requesting for “Help”?...
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