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Legacy Tree Growing Project

For a long time , Africa has been reliant on donations and sponsors. We are very thankful and appreciative for all the gifts and sacrifices continually made to support Africa. However is it good to continue this way? Or is it time to change the approach for better results?

How long should Africa depend on foreign aid? What steps are Africans taking towards self reliance other than building and condoning a dependency syndrome in Africa? How can meaningful employment positively change the African mentality to pioneer and champion African development? What can Africa offer to the rest of the World other than an out stretched arm requesting for “Help”?

Legacy Trust Ltd is championing a Legacy Tree-Growing project, being an initiative which is geared at mobilizing African households to utilize local practical approaches to provide long lasting solutions to Africa’s critical economic problems.

The Legacy Tree-Growing project unlike many other Tree planting projects looks at growing trees and gardening as an economic investment strategy along side changing the mindset of Africans at the household level, to actively get involved in providing solutions at a household level to put to an end, the dependency on aid as a culture and take on self sustainability through employment as a way of living.

Let's Join Together For a Better Cause.
  • This program looks at;
    1. a) Trees as an income generation project for children who need school fees and funds to skill children and youth.

    2. b) Involving every household in growing their income by investing in trees and gardening for food security and timber.

    3. c) Getting every household involved in providing a solution to environmental degradation by growing Trees to provide vegetation cover over the planet earth.

    4. d) Growing Tree for children shall increase patriotism and encourage ownership or a sense of belonging to the nation as a symbol of their legacy their Nation.

    5. e) Considering the rapid population growth in Africa versus the natural resources, Tree growing is to provide additional raw materials for the ever increasing furniture demand world wide.

    6. f) Growing trees to enhance tourism as a major source of income in Africa, Tree growing of different ornamental and fruit Trees with modern landscaping technics can be a game changer in enhancing the beauty and elegancy of many homes and shared park areas.

    7. g) Tree growing as a conservation strategy can be a major way of protecting many unique tree species, which are at the verge of being extinct due to the pressure exerted on forests by mankind.

This project is designed to have every household have a garden and plant at least five trees for each of their children and also ensure that the trees grow overtime to realize economic value from the grown up trees hence making this tree growing project economically viable and self sustainable .

Legacy trust takes the lead to invest in providing market for the trees but engages the households in growing the trees to improve on their standards of living.

A modern tree nursery facility with technical experts in Agro forestry are being developed to create an impact in many lives across Africa through this project and you can make a difference in someone's life by supporting This noble cause.

Make a Donation

If you would like to give a donation towards the Legacy Tree Growing project, you can give your donation through filling in the form below. We shall get in touch with you within 24hrs.

Perhaps you might like to give to another business development project to help bring more employment to Uganda, Africa and the world and so enable more and more of us to become self-reliant. Below are a number of projects we intend to set up in the coming months ahead.

1. Goat project – Buy a goat for £40 and enable someone to get an income from feeding a goat.
2.Block making project
3.Children recreational Park,

Note that Legacy Trust will employ the workers, and all profits from every activity will be re-invested to create yet even more employment.

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