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Who We are

Legacy Trust is a company limited by guarantee very passionate and dedicated in creating employment by marketing individual skills and businesses.

Legacy trust recruits members globally with different occupations and creates awareness of what each individual can offer in terms of goods and services. Anyone interested in living a legacy behind and is willing to offer an excellent service and is of good conduct with a skill, is eligible to be a member of legacy trust.

What makes legacy trust unique is its holistic approach to meeting the needs of individuals. Unlike other organizations or companies, Legacy trust is looking at bringing a positive impact towards the lifestyles of every individual and transformations in all aspects of their lives (spiritually, socially and economically) as opposed to helping just a small part of a person’s life.

Legacy trust considers every one as a potential consumer and takes the initiative to empower everyone to be able to be self-reliant, by increasing on their household incomes through self-sustainable projects and systems that give an individual an income.

Due to the exponential rise in unemployment, legacy trust has harnessed technology by developing a mobile App “Business Expo” that can be accessed from the google play store worldwide to solve the unemployment and under employment problem in the world. This App solves this problem by providing a networking platform that links both the businesses and individuals to both services and products they are looking for or in need of i.e. a one-stop center for all goods and services.

This Application addresses the big challenge of where one has to market ones goods or services by making one’s goods and services available, a click away on one’s phone.

What makes the business expo a unique application is that both the different businesses and individuals that register on the platform use a legal form of identification recognized by their respective countries and information that is being collected from the applicants is kept confidential and cannot be shared by anyone apart from the advertising materials. For more information about the App, please download it from the google play store. .


Inspiring a generation of reponsible citizens bringing a long lasting maximum impact and transformation in all aspects of life (Spiritually, Socially and Economically).

  • Why Choose Us
    1. -> Recruiting of loyal customers for your business.

    2. -> Widening the visibility of your business world wide.

    3. -> Enjoying Discounted rates from all our partners.

    4. -> Access a variety of goods & Services under one platform.

    5. -> Boast your sales by having access to big numbers on our platform.

    6. -> Get to Discover the niche group for your business that you can give your best to.

  • Vision

    Inspiring a generation of reponsible citizens bringing a long lasting maximum impact and transformation in all aspects of life (Spiritually, Socially and Economically).

  • Mission

    Building individual capacities to maximumly utilize every available resource, encouraging creativity, innovations and research to create employment and wealth in Uganda, Africa and the Rest of the world.

  • Our Core Values

    1. • Love
    2. • Joy
    3. • Peace
    4. • Patience
    5. • Kindness
    6. • Gentleness
    7. • Faithfulness
    8. • Meekness
    9. • Self-Control
    10. • Temperance in all things

Our Projects

Human Resource Development
Legacy Trust Ltd will provide you greate exposure and build your capacity connecting you to their rich pool of proffessionals and continous trainings are organised for different fields of expertise.
Business Planting and Development
Upgrade your business into a legacy business by partnering with Legacy Trust Ltd. Legacy Trust Ltd is an innovation and incubation hub facilitating startup businesses through our promotions and exhibition platforms.
Children, Youth Skills and Talent Development
Build a solid foundation for your children and youth providing them with professional exposure into the skill or talent of their interest. Skilling & talent dev't at a tender age has produced highly specialized profesionals. Legacy Trust provides children the opportunity to expo camps that give children and youth a chance to tryout diverse skills or talents and discover themselves.

Our Partners